Sellerie spécialisée du mini au poney D
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About Us

La Halle aux Minis was created in 2011 to respond to high demand in miniatures products. Living in the miniature horse world for 8 years now, I also own several americans miniatures horses and I really thought we had a lack in mini tack shop.

Interested in everything you can do with a horse, I want to show a good and coherent image of miniature horse and more generally of Ponies. It’s important to me to propose a large choice of products made specially for Miniatures Horses. Don’t forget that they are horses before being tiny.

Otherwise, it seems pretty obvious to me to offer an affordable range of products which allows anybody to equip their friends.

Finally, please know that your satisfaction is my top priority, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any information or advice

La Halle aux Minis.